Core Lecturer at Columbia University
Supervisors: Prof. Susan Boynton, Prof. Walter Frisch
Responsibilities: Teach two classes of Music Humanities per semester

Music Humanities Instructor at Columbia University
2009-2011, 2013-2014
Instructor of HUMA W1123: Masterpieces of Western Music (Music Humanities)
Supervisors: Prof. Susan Boynton, Prof. Walter Frisch
Responsibilities: Prepare a full syllabus, teach class, hold regular office hours, attend weekly staff meetings, create and grade exams
Course description (from Columbia College website): “Through analysis and discussion, Music Humanities introduces students to representative musical works from the Middle Ages to the present. It also actively involves students in the process of critical listening, both in the classroom and at concerts. Though not a survey, this course is taught in a chronological format and includes masterpieces by Josquin des Prez, Monteverdi, Bach, Handel, Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, Verdi, Wagner, Schoenberg, Stravinsky, Louis Armstrong, and Duke Ellington, among others.”

Adjunct Instructor at Fordham University
Fall 2010
Instructor of MUSC 1100: Introduction to Music History
Supervisor: Prof. Larry Stempel
Responsibilities: Prepare a full syllabus, teach class, hold regular office hours, create and grade exams
Course description (from Fordham website): “Major developments in the history of music surveyed and illustrated by listening to specific examples (CDs and media files for study use). Focusing on significant eras and styles such as the Italian Baroque, Viennese Classicism, and French and German Romanticism, this course also emphasizes the works of individual composers, such as Bach and Beethoven.”

High Enrollment Course Assistant at Columbia University
Spring 2009
T.A. for Music V2010: Rock, Prof. Jason Lee Oakes
Responsibilities: Grade exams and essay assignments, post assignments and readings
Course description (from Columbia website): “Historical survey of rock music from its roots in the late 1940s to the present day.”

Teaching Assistant for Music Humanities at Columbia University
Fall 2008
T.A. for HUMA W1123: Masterpieces of Western Music (Music Humanities), Instructor Dr. Murat Eyuboglu
Responsibilities: Teach four class sessions (observed by instructor), regular attendance, regular meetings with instructor, plan and discuss examinations, weekly staff meetings

General Assistant at Gabe M. Wiener Music & Arts Library, Columbia University
Supervisors: Nick J. Patterson, Aaron Meicht
Responsibilities: Media processing (labeling and cataloging of media items), shelving, customer service

Music Library and Listening Center Circulation Assistant at Northwestern University
Supervisor: James Hobbs
Responsibilities: Customer service, shelving, statistics and record keeping of circulation

Additional Academic and Professional Service

Editorial Assistant for Dr. Werner Grünzweig
Proofreading and editorial assistance for Werner Grünzweig, ed., Alexander Goehr: “Fings ain’t wot they used t’be”: Archive zur Musik des 20. und 21. Jahrhunderts, Band 13 (Hofheim: Wolke Verlag, 2012).
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Editorial Board of Current Musicology
2007-2008, 2012
Responsibilities: Review and proof submissions, attend meetings

Student Advisory Board at Weinberg College, Northwestern University
Representative for the German department
Supervisor: Prof. Franziska Lys
Responsibilities: Ask fellow classmates about student policies, attend meetings to discuss policy changes, and provide feedback to the Dean of the College
[See here for more information on the Student Advisory Board at the Weinberg College]

Student Ambassador at the Dreyfoos Palm Beach School of the Arts High School
Supervisor: Dr. Orville Lawton
Responsibilities: Regular meetings with the dean of music, attend and perform at public events on behalf of the music department, provide feedback to the dean and principal regarding student policy