Dissertation and Publications


“Staging the Past: Richard Wagner’s Ring Cycle in Divided Germany during the 1970s and 1980s.” Ph.D. Diss., Columbia University, 2015. [Link to abstract and dissertation][Sample chapter]

Dissertation committee: Walter Frisch, Giuseppe Gerbino, George E. Lewis, Lydia Goehr, Mark Anderson


“Afterlives of May 1968 in the Bayreuth Centennial Ring Cycle.” [Currently in preparation; see a preview here, based on my MLA 2017 talk]

“Matriarchy, Marxism, and Feminist Spirituality in Ruth Berghaus’s Ring Cycle (1985-1987).” (Revising for publication in Musical Quarterly)

“Rethinking Postwar History: Munich’s Musica Viva during the Karl Amadeus Hartmann Years (1945-63).” Musical Quarterly 90, no. 2 (2007): 230-274. [Link to article]

“The Problematic Nature of Hindemith’s ‘Das Unaufhörliche’: A Critical Response.” Tempo 61, no. 240 (2007): 40-50. [Link to article]

Encyclopedia Entries

“Karl Amadeus Hartmann.” In OREL Foundation Website. Last modified August 1, 2008. http://orelfoundation.org/index.php/composers/article/karl_amadeus_hartmann/

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